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Follow your heart
Capture every enjoyable moment
    Take a full use of Snoppa gimbals.
  • Four shooting modes, auto panorama, motion time-lapse ……all these cool functions enable you to shoot the footage with great ease.
    With the continuously update, more and more new functions and creative shooting features will be added in the Snoppa app.
    User friendly interface and more diversified operation will bring you a brand new shooting experience.
  • Motion time-lapse
    Show the world with unique visual effect of rapidness. All the time lapse like shadow’s movements and cloud’s drifts which are usually not noticeable will be clearly showed up through time-lapse videos.
  • Professional parameter setting
    Parameters like the shutter, the flash, the white balance, the focus, and the sensitivity can be easily adjusted in the Snoppa App. Various parameter adjustments are very helpful in achieving the effect you want in the footage.
  • Panorama
    Atom automatically takes a few photos and stitches them into awide-angle or panoramic photo, just like a super wide-angle lens thatdramatically expands your field of vision. In the working condition of balance status, the smartphone automatically shoot pictures on different horizontal angles, and then Snoppa app will stitch those pictures together and generate a distortionless panorama picture. You’ll never need to turn your body 360 degree and keep the balance of your smartphone carefully with bare hands, which are tiring and awkward.
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